Pulse Services Inc.
Custom Solutions

As organizations continue to evolve in the digital era to provide customer centric experiences and generate revenue in new areas, we work closely with our customers to achieve these objectives.

Our Mobile Application services include working with  customers to strategize, design, develop, deploy and support the best applications on any mobile devices to maximize value based on end user requirements. We provide our customers with a complete end to end solutions or augment the customer’s team with the required skills sets for a given phase of a project.

Mobile Strategy
Mobile strategies are not just based on technologies at hand or features and functionalities, it should be based on the entire customer experience and integrated with the overall company strategy.  A number of considerations need to be examined when defining a strategy – Target users/devices, user needs, usability requirements and other factors that makes a successful application. Our experienced industry experts  are able to assist with your mobile strategies, including generating business and functional requirements, forecasting and ROI studies.

Analysis & Design (Functional & UI/UX Design)
User experience and usability of any application is key to a successful deployment. At pulse, we design solutions to use the best of breed technologies to meet customer’s functional requirements. In order to meet specific UI/UX design requirements, pulse analyzes use cases, user research, site maps, wire frames and personas to create unique mobile solution.

Development /Integration
A typical mobile development should  include a number of considerations including the size of the installed application size,  run time performance,  mobile bandwidth usage,  consistency of function and appearance,  battery usage and ability to  re-use existing assets.

Our development and integration services can be engaged to provide services for the entire project or for specific areas based on a pre-developed design.

Our expertise include development for Mobile Marketing,  mCommerce,  Content management, Back-end integration, Social Integration, Location based services, QR code, Near Field Communications (NFC), Media Streaming, and Security.

QA Testing
Our Quality Assurance (QA) resources ensure that customer applications work as designed. We offer a wide range of mobile application testing services, including:

Functional Testing
Testing on installation, login, search and other common features as part of our functional testing services.

Localization Testing
Third-party verification of context and accuracy for any recently localized mobile application.

Usability Testing
Test the usability of mobile application with the help of our dedicated UI/UX experts and software-savvy professionals.

Our testing services  are provided  on a number of devices including Apple, Android, Blackberry and Windows platforms using a variety of tools including various versions of the actual devices as well.

Analytics is a key tool to determine the success of a mobile strategy. Our services include a number of analytics such as  measurement of user behavior, mobile user tracking (Demographic, Location, buying patterns etc.),  marketing campaign reports, transactional and functionality based reports and overall application performance metrics.

Once the application is production ready, our team works closely with the customers to deploy the solutions based on customer requirements and provide post-deployment support.

Our support and Maintenance services can includes 24/7, on-site or remote support.  It can also include providing timely upgrades to ensure the applications are up-to date and bug free.

Technology & Skill sets
Supported platform include:

  • Apple IOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Android (All versions)

We have all the platforms covered with a wide variety of program language expertise for front and back-end integrations.