Pulse Services Inc.
Corporate Social Responsibility

We promote policies with environmental benefit.

We are conscious of the need to control our carbon footprint. We have the following programs in place to ensure this:

  • Reduce use of paper – we use electronic document and e-signatures whenever possible to drastically reduce the amount of paper required to print or store.
  • Reduce carbon emissions by promoting work from home policies when applicable. We advocate working from home for up to 3 days a week when possible to reduce carbon emissions and commute time.

We are committed to the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct.

We understand the importance of having content and motivated employees to ensure that we continue to provide excellent customer service. This is put into effect through our policies that allow for:

  • Sustaining professional conduct with customers
  • Working from home (when possible)
  • On time performance reviews
  • Organize social gatherings to celebrate our success